A Space for Writing


I can write anywhere.  I can be sitting at my desk at work and an idea will strike me, either a plot twist for something I’m already working on, or a flash fiction short story.  I’ve been riding public transportation, at the dinner table, in meetings, in class, and had to jot notes down on the sly.  The feeling consumes me and I HAVE to write.  My head and fingers tingle until I get the ideas out.  Ideally, I like to write in a quiet room, my husband asleep or out for a few hours (sorry, honey but you are LOUD), my dog napping at my feet.  My dream would be to have a retreat to go to a few times a year, maybe a place in the desert, or the mountains, or at the ocean, in autumn or winter when the beaches are deserted.   Just me and my laptop.  And caffeine.  And a few of my favorite movies and novels when I need a break.  I would take long walks for inspiration, breathing in the mountain/desert/salt air and just letting my mind expand.

Right now I’m torn between two ideas – finishing a novel I’ve already started about two young women struggling with mental illness, a mother and daughter.  The novel switches narrators between the mother, Nic, as a girl, and the daughter Leelah, as a teenager, trying to find her own happiness and solve the mystery of her mother’s death.  I’ve published a few excerpts here.  The second is a novel that I’ve only written the character studies and outline for, much lighter, a comedy.  The story of a woman in her late-twenties working at a dead-end job she hates.  She left her last job in shame due to exacting revenge on her jerk of an ex-boyfriend who happened to be her boss.  There’s a quirky cast of characters she meets along the way, like her micro-managing boss, a potential love interest, a two-faced frenemy, the office mom who knows everyone’s business, a new best friend who helps her move on.  I wrote sort of an introduction here.  Let me know in the poll which you would like to read about!


11 comments on “A Space for Writing

  1. Megan says:

    I voted on one, but would love to see both. They sound very compelling to me because I relate to both stories very much!
    Good luck on your writing journey all together and I do look forward to reading more!

  2. Gina Blue says:

    Hey Jenn! I prefer comedy and quirky characters over mental health madness. However the narrative about Corporation X didn’t sound all that funny. Did i miss something??

  3. luckyjc007 says:

    I’m sure both will be a good read, but I lean to the comedy side.

  4. rosemawrites says:

    Hi Jenn! I completely agree with your opening sentence. That is the idea of my Writing 101 post too! 😀

  5. dailywriter says:

    Both will be a great read but Nic/Leelah might afford more character development.

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