I’ve never been much for jewelry, in fact there’s a small box of tangled necklaces, forgotten bracelets and unworn earrings on my dresser.  I love art and books but don’t have the patience (or bank account) to build a collection of first editions or rare oil paintings.

So, I treasure people.  Finally, I’ve been able to find a group of ladies who get me, who don’t judge me, who just listen when I need to vent, who give tough love when I need it but don’t wound me permanently in the process, who love to laugh, who don’t take themselves too seriously, who let me be me.  One of their names merely showing up in my caller ID can instantly calm me.  People like that are rare.   So, when I find them, I collect them.  It took me years to build my collection of loyal, smart, funny, quirky and dependable friends.  I had to grow up myself.  Learn to speak my mind.   Banish the negative from my life.   That meant I had to purge my collection a few times.  Start over again nearly from scratch. The years of effort, of slowly perfecting my collection were worth it.  I still don’t have a Girl Squad of Taylor Swift proportions, but that’s okay.  I’m a discerning collector.

The most exciting thing about my collection is that it never has to be complete.  It will take time, but I hope to keep adding to it forever.  I’m always on the lookout for a kindred spirit, just like an art-lover looking for that rare authentic masterpiece among a sea of forgeries.

In the meantime, I just hope my friends know how much I treasure them.  I try and convey that by being everything to them that they are to me.


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