Things I Like…in no particular order


(not a complete list by any means!)

Windy days with the scent of rain in the air
Running with the wind
Mountaintop sunsets
Netflix marathons
Lazy Sundays where I do nothing but cook, read, and watch movies
Falling asleep with the window open
Red wine
Sweaty, endorphin-releasing workouts
The smell of a new books and caffeine
Swimming in the ocean
Playing with animals
Goofy comedies – Will Ferrell is my favorite
Classic movies – All About Eve is one of my favorites
Getting lost and having adventures (my dog and I take short day trips with no destination in mind, we’ve ended up at a doggie spa, she didn’t like that too much, a few forest trails, a picturesque town square straight out of Pleastantville, and a strange outdoor gym, among other places)
The end of summer and the beginning of autumn (a made up season I call sumfall)
Juicy Hollywood tell-alls (a guilty pleasure)
Reading outside
Thai food – really any Asian cuisine, they’re all so veggie-friendly
Being at ease in my own skin!

20 thoughts on “Things I Like…in no particular order

      1. It’s my pleasure. I feel, beautiful and sensitive things naturally attract all of us.

        Anand 🙂

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