Just Curious pt. 2

Continuation of Just Curious from the Mondays Finish the Story challenge.  I found myself curious (see what I did there!) about these characters.  257 words was the best I could do!


“I’m your sister.”  Ana stared at her, her dark eyes widening.  “Frank was my dad too.”

Sam had resigned herself to a solitary life, both of her parents long gone.  Could her tiny heart widen enough to accommodate another person?

“Now I understand why you wanted to talk.”  Ana took a sip of her black coffee and wrinkled her face.

“Not good?”

“I’m sure it is.  Back home, we like it stronger.”

“And where is home?”


Things started to click in Sam’s mind.  She remembered her father traveling for work frequently during her childhood.  He always brought Sam gifts back from his work trips, one of them being a pair of colorful maracas from Brazil.  She remembered long icy silences between her parents after that trip and lengthy closed-door conversations.  She’d been afraid they would get a divorce.  Then suddenly, it seemed, all was right again.  But she never played with those maracas.  They’d seemed tainted.

Minutes later, their coffee mugs empty, Ana and Sam dutifully exchanged email addresses, but there hadn’t been any natural chemistry between them, no ease of conversation, more of an exchange of facts.

Sam hurried home alone, wanting to get there before dark.   She felt her pocket for the scrap of paper containing Ana’s email address, but it was gone, probably had fallen on the ground in her rush to get home.  She felt lighter as she let herself onto her back deck, where her dog joined her.  He put his head in her lap as they enjoyed the last of the sun.

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