FFfAW-Week of 08-25-2015 – The Bridge

Photo credit to Dawn Miller

My first time trying the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge!

It had been their meeting place for months.  Everyday under the bridge at 4 o’clock.  He always brought a blanket.  She always brought her notebook, poetry scribbled inside.  It was all they had.  Her marriage had been arranged long ago, to a boy she didn’t know.  If they were caught, her family would disown her.

He’d decided to end it.  She’d never defy her family.  He had a date with another girl that night, someone from work.  A fun, giggly little thing.  No rules, no drama.

But, when he arrived at the bridge, she was already there.  “I told them.”  She dragged a suitcase behind her.

She jumped into his arms and he held her, saying nothing.


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