When I’m Sixty-Four…

In response to this blogging event: http://www.maddyathome.com/when-im-sixty-four/

I am now 36 years old, I will be 64 in 2043.

When I’m 64 I honestly hope that my life isn’t much different than it is now, just a better version.  I hope to be more spiritually grounded, to have an even stronger relationship with God.  I hope to still be writing, maybe professionally by then.  I hope to be a little more traveled, with stories of many adventures, and not to have lost my wanderlust, still planning trips to faraway places on the globe I haven’t yet discovered.

I hope that I’ve become a mother by then, with an adult child that I also count as a friend.

I hope to celebrate my 35th wedding anniversary surrounded by close friends and family, and I hope my parents are at my side.  I hope to still have my optimism, to not have grown so cynical that I can’t laugh myself into hysterics with my friends over a glass of wine or enjoy a goofy comedy.  I hope I have the same friends I do now.

I hope to have lost my sometimes crippling fear of failure.  To speak my mind and not worry who’s listening.

I hope my husband and I will have finally found the dream home that we can see in our heads, lived in, slightly messy, with my notes and ideas for new books stuck on post-its all over the walls, overflowing bookshelves, memories of raising our child and our many animals, with lots of land for our current pets to roam.  A bedroom for our son or daughter to come back to when they visit that makes them feel happily nostalgic and safe.

Most of all, I hope that if I stumble across this blog somehow in 2043, I laugh or cry tears of joy and not sadness.


9 thoughts on “When I’m Sixty-Four…

  1. Thank you so much for your positive contribution Jenn. I wish you all the things that you have written about. You are writing from a good place because you are optimistic, and at the same time appreciative of the most important things that you already have.

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