Lewis Carroll

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

– Lewis Carroll

I’m sure someone has used this quote before since it’s so deliciously whimsical, but I’m new to this feature so I’ll pretend I’m the first!  🙂

Six Things I’ve Been Told Are Impossible…but that I have faith will happen…

1.  That one day I’ll make a living as a writer.  Maybe not a Stephen King/James Patterson kind of living (though that would be nice) but be able to write exclusively and actually eat everyday and have a roof over my head that doesn’t belong to my parents.  I have my own roof and paid for all the food in my refrigerator, thank you very much, but definitely not from the $5 or $6 I’ve made through my writing.  🙂

2.  That one day, ALL women, but particularly black women, will unite in boycotting the things that degrade us, specifically offensive music created by men who have no regard or respect for our dignity, our safety, or our bodies.  I don’t get women who gleefully hand over their hard-earned cash to basically be verbally abused over a beat.  And no Dr. Dre, I don’t accept your apology.  I’m not a fan of revisionist history.  Make a donation to a battered women’s shelter and maybe I’ll consider it.

An Apology from Dr Dre is not Enough

3.  A little random – but I hope that Anna Duggar will leave her husband, get an education, learn she can support herself and her kids without a husband or her father, and that she can breathe fire!

Blog about Anna Duggar by Georgia Mom

4.  That one day I’ll posses a pure, childlike happiness, not just a dumb happy, all on my own.

Dumb Happy

5.  That I can take a completely solo vacation, sans travel companion or tour guide.

6.  That my dog and I have our own language!  I know she can understand certain words I say.  Like when I warm up her food (don’t judge me!) and I tell her it’s hot, she knows to wait a few minutes before eating.  Seriously guys, she knows.  And I understand her whines, which ones mean I need to go out, or I want to cuddle, or get off your butt and come play outside!  She understands mine too, I’m happy, I’m sad,  I need to be alone, I can’t get out of bed.  She’s been known to nudge me from under the covers and wipe away my tears.  Don’t know how I’ll prove this one!


1490649_706550026033935_1064019192_o (2)
BONUS:  7. That I’ll finish a half marathon.  I specify HALF and not full because even I can’t dream that big.

Cheer me on!

Six Things I Told Myself Were Impossible…but actually happened…

1. Becoming vegetarian.  A lifelong dream since I was a kid and found out the beef patty on my beloved McDonald’s cheeseburgers once belonged to a living breathing thing.

2. Finding true love.

3. Figuring out that I’m pretty awesome.

4.  Finishing and publishing a book – how I earned the aforementioned $6.  That footlong at Subway was beyond delicious!

5.  Sharing some of my darkest thoughts, innermost fears, and fictional stories on a blog.

6.  Putting my feet in the Pacific Ocean.



14 thoughts on “Lewis Carroll

  1. I love this post and how you got all your own goals in here. This is what the quotes should do… evaluate where we are and where we want to be! Keep writing and learning and you know, you are already on your way! ❤

  2. Beautiful post Jenn.
    I am a veggie too. Already childlike ❤
    I like this post and I hope you would get 4th the fastest.

    Love ❤

  3. THAT is one of my favorite quotes ever. I’ll be patiently waiting for another post from you where you have six new impossible things to believe in and your current list is at the end of the post with the title “Six Things I Told Myself Were Impossible, but actually happened…” Best wishes to you!

  4. Hello Jenn! I love the quote, there’s a sweet innocence about it. I enjoyed reading your six things and good for you for accomplishing your other six things. I love this post! It’s very inspiring. 😀 xx

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