Toy Story

Open University

Start Writing Fiction
2 Setting

2.1 Setting as antagonist

Activity 14

Write a scene in which two characters are quarreling about the setting. One wants to stay and the other wants to leave. A setting could be:

  • a rowdy bar
  • Disney World
  • deserted beach
  • zoo
  • second-hand bookshop
  • school classroom
  • expensive hotel
  • alien spaceship

The two not-so-little girls entered the old-fashioned toy shop with their mothers close behind.  It was supposed to be a ‘girls’ day,’ as planned by their moms.  A stop at the toy store, then lunch, then a movie.   They did it once every two months or so.

“This place is for babies,” Sunny whispered under her breath so their mothers wouldn’t hear.

“Really?” Leelah asked, stopping in front of the display of dolls.  It was a tradition.  Sunny and Leelah always picked a doll to add to their collections at home.  They’d been doing it during every trip to the toy store since they were three.

“Yeah,” Sunny insisted, halfheartedly glancing at the fashion doll perched on the edge of the shelf.  “I mean we’re going into fourth grade after the summer.  We’re almost in middle school!”

“I guess…”  Leelah let her voice trail off, her hand resting on the package of the doll she wanted.  She had bronze skin and big brown eyes, big bouncy curls piled up on top of her head, wearing a white lace dress.  It was the one she’d seen in the window of the store many times as they’d driven by over the past few weeks.  She’d been looking forward to finally being able to call it her own.  But Sunny was changing, like so many of the girls she’d grown up with.

“Let’s just tell our moms we don’t want anything, and we can just go next door and eat.  I’m starving.”  Sunny rubbed her flat belly for dramatic effect.

“I don’t know…I don’t want to hurt my mom’s feelings.”  Leelah looked back at their mothers, who were standing near the front counters having a hushed conversation.

“She’ll be fine.  They’ll both be glad they don’t have to buy us anything.”  Sunny considered the matter settled and strode to the front of the store, telling her mom she didn’t find anything she wanted.

“Are you sure?”  Her mother asked, eyebrows knitted.

Sunny nodded.  “Yep, we can go.”   Sunny looked back at Leelah still standing in front of the doll display and motioned for her to follow as she and her mother walked out the door.

Leelah’s mother walked over to her daughter.  “How about you?  Is there something you like?”  She gave her a knowing look, then turned to Sunny and her mom who were still standing at the front door.  “We’ll catch up with you guys next door!”  She said with a wave.

Sunny rolled her eyes and sighed as she and her mother walked outside.  Leelah handed her mother the box containing the doll she loved.  “Just one more.”

Her mother smiled down at her.  “Just one more.”


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