Girl Squad-less

girl squad

Great article about Taylor Swift’s army of girlfriends.  To each her own, but I’ve always preferred a few meaningful friendships over a multitude.  I don’t get how you can have 20 “close” girlfriends.  Who has the time?  When do you spend time with your SO?  Or your family?   Or walk your dog?  Or pee?  When do you have me time?

Taylor Swift: It’s “So Important” That My Friends Like My Boyfriend

Taylor Swift

Plus this quote by her irritated me a bit.   It’s more important that YOU like your boyfriend.  If you’re friends see that you’re happy, they should be happy for you.  But she’s still young so maybe she’ll learn that in time.  If you aren’t happy, sometimes it’s something you have to work out for yourself, unless the situation is serious, like issues of abuse, infidelity, etc.


5 thoughts on “Girl Squad-less

    1. Hopefully she will. I remember stressing so much about introducing guys to my very judgmental former best friend when I was younger. Glad I finally found my voice instead of letting someone else’s dictate my life. Thanks for stopping by!

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