Writing 201 Day One – The Dark is Best For Hiding

These girls are my friends. We’re sitting in a circle on the ground.  It’s early.  The grass is cold.    I don’t mind.  I like to be outside.  It’s recess.  I like recess too.  And now I have five new friends.  I just counted them in my head.  And today is my fifth day here.  Five is a good number.  My new favorite number.  Half of ten, which used to be my favorite number.

My friends are standing, so I stand too.  They all start to run.  I’m not a fast runner, but I try to keep up with them.  They sit on the other side of the playground in a circle.  The circle is smaller this time.  I try to fit, and I almost do.  I sit next to the girl with blue eyes.  Blue is my favorite color.  Her hair is black and in two pigtails, just like mine.  She’s my favorite.  But I won’t say that out loud, just in my head, because I don’t want to be rude.  She and the other girls are talking in quiet voices.  She looks at me and whispers again.  My mom says whispering is rude, it makes other people feel left out.  I want to know what they are saying, so I try and scoot closer.

She turns and looks at me.  She talks louder now, so I can hear.  She’s not being rude any more.  She tells me they are going to play a game, hide and seek.  I smile.  I watched the other kids out of my window at my old house play that all the time.  They were always smiling and laughing and running.  Once a girl was hiding behind a tall bush in our backyard.  I saw her run behind our house.  I watched her hide.  No one found her for a long, long time.  I saw her smile.  She was happy that no one could find her.  She knew that meant she was good at the game.  A boy came looking for her.  He walked around and around our yard, looking and looking.  She jumped out and yelled “boo!”  He jumped and yelped, then they both laughed and laughed.  It looked so fun.  I wanted to play too.  But mom said I couldn’t go outside.

I get up and run to hide.  I’ll find the best hiding spot.  There’s a big empty box on the side of the school.  It’s big enough to cover me.  I pull it over my head and squat down.  When she comes looking, I’ll jump up and yell “boo!”  She’ll scream and laugh and so will I, and we’ll run back inside together.  It’s dark inside the box but I don’t mind.  I like the dark.  It’s best for hiding.


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