Writing 101, Day Seventeen: Authenticity

Write about a thing that scares you. For a twist, pick a different style from your ownSometimes living an authentic life can be terrifying.  For me at least.  But I’d rather have a few honest friendships than hordes of phony ones.  I usually favor shorter sentences so I tried to elongate them a bit.  Other than that it still sounds like me.  I did my best 🙂
As I pull into the parking lot on a sunny, sweltering hot day, beads of sweat are already forming on my forehead, even before I open the door of my car and leave the comfort of my frigid air conditioning.  I clutch the letter in my hand as I get out of my car.  With every step closer to her front door,  I can hear my heart pulsating between my ears.  It’s not too late, I tell myself.  I can get back in the car and sped away, tires squealing, never speak of this letter again.  But I can’t.  I’ve decided to live a life of authenticity from this day forward.  I can’t pretend that everything is okay any longer; a talent that I have perfected since childhood.  My story matters; my feelings matter; I matter.  I climb the steps to the front door and knock loudly.  My stomach churns as I hear movement inside, realizing that I’d hoped no one would be home, that I could leave a hastily scrawled note in the door and run away like a coward.  She opens the door a few seconds later and smiles, happy to see me, but a little confused.  She wants to know why I’m here, unannounced, in the middle of her afternoon.  I can tell she was busy – I smell food simmering on the stove.  There’s a bucket  filled with suds sitting on the kitchen floor.  It’s my last chance.  I can say I just came by to say hello, to see how she was doing, lock everything away in the closet in my brain that’s already bursting at the seams.  Authenticity, I remind myself.  I raise the months-old letter still clutched in my hand so that it’s eye level with her.  She looks even more confused.

“This really made me angry,” I say, my voice unwavering.  The words are finally out, and I am afraid.  Afraid of losing her friendship, but I know it has never truly been real.  This is our chance to change that, begin again, to have a true relationship based on honesty instead of a lie.  I stand on the front step staring back at her, waiting for her to let me in.

4 thoughts on “Writing 101, Day Seventeen: Authenticity

  1. I enjoyed the detail leading up to that last paragraph. I, of course, assumed you were going to see your mom (that’s my thing, not yours!)…and that added to my enjoyment. I felt like I could step right into your shoes.

    1. Thanks so much. I tried not to include too many details so people could kind of apply it to their own lives.

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