Writing 101-Day 3


Human Nature is a song that has always spoken to me even as a kid, and I had no idea why.  To me it always felt like freeness, expressing yourself, being real, not being afraid of being open, letting the world see who you are, really are.  Whenever it comes on the radio, I let the windows down the car, sing along, let the wind and sun in.  It feels like outside, night time, running under the stars.  I feel music.  I’m not really a music fanatic, but the few songs and artists that I love, when I hear the sound, I close my eyes and feel it, see it.  That’s what that song does for me.  It transports me.  It always calms me.  It makes me feel proud of who I am.

When I got older, I read that the person who wrote the song wrote after hearing about a bullying incident involving his daughter at school.  After I heard it, I understood why it spoke to me so much.  Growing up, I felt locked inside myself, wanting so badly not to have to think so much about what I said or did, just wanted to be real for one moment in time.  That’s what the song is about.  To me anyway.  Why?  Tell ’em that it’s human nature.


Love and War – a newer song that speaks to me because it discusses the not so pretty realities of love and marriage.  Most songs just address the beautiful side of love, the beginning, happy reunions, or the dramatic side, saying goodbye, heartbreak.   No one really talks about the middle.  This song talks about staying in the trenches with your partner, fighting alongside them to make your relationship survive the lows.  Once you get to the highs, you’ll appreciate them much more.  A lot of people now seem not to really value marriage, they discard it as soon as things don’t go their way, so I appreciate that the lyrics of the song really drive down to the soul of what marriage and commitment are really about.  Love, devotion, self-sacrifice, compromise, fights, forgiveness, and making up.

The assignment was three songs but, as stated before, not a big music fanatic, these are the two that immediately came to mind and gave me the most visceral reaction.



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